Blue Boost

Blue Boost

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  • 100% cotton
  • 220 gsm
  • Direct to garment print on both sides.
  • Made in India .

Neel Chaudhary is an artist/illustrator who resides in Mumbai,india.
His artwork is inspired by Video games and anime.
He started taking interest in art at the age of 10 and started taking it seriously at age of 17.He started off like every artist does, with a pencil and art sheet and eventually that transformed into a digital platform.
His creations, namely Cyber demon and Cyber slayer are two prime examples of the two worlds and games and anime merging together .
The third art piece however (blue boost) is a completely original piece and it comes from his liking towards speedsters.

Character 1(cyber demon)
This character was inspired by zenitsu(demon slayer)and Genji(overwatch)
Zenitsu is an underrated character and Genji has one of the coolest video game character designs. Instead of having thunder breathing,Cyber demon naturally has an uncontrollable power, this power is dampened and controlled with the help of the cybernetics implanted in him. These cybernetics help him channel that power into lightning.

Character 2 (cyber slayer)
This character was inspired by Tanjiro (demon slayer) and the game Cyberpunk.
Cyber slayer doesn’t really age any insane superpowers. He is just a cyborg and is a top tier assassin.

Character 3 (blue boost)
This character is inspired by the Dc hero, Flash. Blue boost has all the generic powers of a speedster but the only difference is that the rings around his arms aren’t just for show. These rings are used to capture and incapacitate the villains.

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