Free Spirit (Acid wash)

Free Spirit (Acid wash)

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  • 100% cotton
  • 240 gsm
  • Direct to garment print on both sides.
  • Made in India .


HARTÈS (Heart + Artès)

As an artist, I produce abstract digital illustrations, drawing inspiration from emotions, symbolism, songs and thoughts, to explore unique and thought-provoking concepts and translate them into visually captivating digital creations. My passion for anime also plays a significant role in shaping my artistic vision and the use of Japanese proverbs and text.

Heartès is an expression of emotions through art - 'Chaos and Order,' a liberated tiger personifies raw rage and chaos, while delicate lilies embody serene order and grace. In this harmonious dichotomy, boundaries dissolve as freedom triumphantly emerges. Butterflies and a hummingbird symbolize transformation and the pursuit of harmony, evoking the beauty in life's delicate balance between chaos and order.

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